Demons exist in two major groups, old blood and new blood, although in reality demons are a large mixture of similar races who have interbred since past times. They mature around the age of 20-25, but they continue growing much past this point and are capable of living up to 400 years. Even when fully grown, the body continues to rejuvenate well into the future, with most demons more commonly seeing death by a blade than organ failure. Wing membrane grows back slowly; as such any wounded wings can often leave a demon grounded for quite some time.
New blood demons are characterised by their dark skin, membrane bound wings, horns and long ears, while old blood demons originating from the northern continent are usually tall and stocky but lack wings. Old bloods that originate from the south are often very tall and slender, with bestial traits; such traits often makes them unnerving to others, more so those not used to their company. Their main strength is their flight, while the northern line ability is their power. Of course exceptions exist on both sides, the variety of demons is one of their most notable traits. Their eyes take on a variety of shades, although red and yellows are the most common. They stand the tallest of the three races, the smaller members often equal the angels in height while the taller individuals dwarf them. Compared to the other races, their blood is black in colour and toxic to non-demons, to their own race it merely causes a short period of sickness. The toxin is what creates the black colour and as such, if a demon were lacking the toxin their blood would be crimson.
Demons themselves are rarely loners, preferring the company of their own kind and often sharing houses even if they aren't related. Family groups often stay together or within a certain radius of each other, the older parents often guiding their children once they have prodigies of their own. The babies aren't always peaceful but once they come into the teething stage, inexperienced parents can find themselves overwhelmed with their sharp toothed little ankle biters. The pain from horn growth is also well known for its ability to create rather cranky children, who aren't always the most willing to accept why they're experiencing that pain.
Both male and females are taught weaponry and/or magic from an early age, once they hit early-mid teens some opt to migrate to Shadekeep in order to receive the strict training from Iomor and other equally capable instructors. Unfortunately for younger females, they can sometimes find themselves being hassled by their peers. While such a thing is usually shunned, it is often a stage younger males go through, until they learn the hard way that females aren't interested in their smart mouthed antics. Sometimes if it becomes too much, the females are separated and receive more personal one-to-one or small group training with other females. Those who take an interest in healing or crafts tend to be streamlined after a few years of basic training, as a demon that is unable to defend itself makes an easy target. Females themselves are often respected by their older peers, although there has been some recent controversy caused by male individuals.

·         Heritage can be read by an individual’s horns; straight horns indicate they originated from the Central Isles, upward curving horns indicates Southern heritage while downwards curving horns indicates Northern heritage.
·         Their native element is darkness, while individuals can possess other elements, it is usually at the cost of their proficiency of darkness. The primal elements are a result of the mixing with the human race.

New Blood (Mixed blood):
Averaging at ~11ft (3.35m) tall.
Notable traits:
·         Humanoid, very varied in appearances.
·         Smooth or textured/raised skin patterns.
·         Skin colour varies from black to dark shades of colours (blue, purple, red, etc.), hair is often also dark in colour.
·         Bat-like wings (or dragon-like), though not all demons possess wings.
·         Pointed or sharp fingers are common.
·         Horns are sometimes present, in varying shapes.

Old Blood (Pure(r) blood):
Often average taller than new blood, though not always the case.
Notable traits:

·         More bestial in appearance/behaviour (depending on the level of social conditioning).
·         Those with a more humanoid shape from the northern line tend to be very muscular and large, but often to lack wings.
·         Smooth or textured/raised skin.
·         They share quite a few of the traits with new bloods as their lines aren’t as much divided as Angels.
·         Can be overly arrogant towards new bloods, but not always.
·         More commonly live away from the Central Isles, but there are some known to be living there (mostly with roots to a different continent).
·         Southern blood lines possess very powerful wings and often take pride in them, taking advantage of the South’s warm climate.