Angels mature around the ages of 16-25 but unlike demons, angels are often fully grown at this time and usually live for up to 200 years. Their most notable trait is their magnificent feathered wings, a feature they take great pride in. The variety of wings between individuals is fairly significant, with larger, more elegant wings being a symbol of a noble bloodline. While they have no growth pains when it comes to things like horns, angels do moult several times while growing up and usually between once a year to every few years after that. During this time, they are normally snappy due to their dishevelled appearance and inability to fly, something which others often tease the unfortunate angel, despite the process happening to all of them.
Younger angels can be rather prone to injury as they refuse to leave travelling demons alone; when possible the Ranger's Guild tries to break up the fights, though not always with the greatest success. Foolhardy individuals will attack the residents in the Umbral Forest directly, where the chance of death greatly outweighs the chance of living. The antics aren't shunned by others, but those that try a more direct approach are commonly branded as idiots and little sympathy is given to their injuries or death. Attacks on the western demon settlements are no longer as common, partially down to those that try very rarely return, and heavily burnt when they do. Springhollow usually escapes most things, as the small size of it often makes them considered an unworthy target.

Female angels generally aren't as well considered, but if they can become well respected if they prove themselves. Angels are trained from a young age in battle skills, those that prove poor at these skills, or even slightly substandard are diverted to become crafters, gatherers and at the bottom, healers. Healers are rarely respected, regardless of their blood origin, as they're considered weak.

One's blood relations play a large role in angel society, some relationships are born out of a desire for status. Although if, using an example system, a tier II bloodline angel had a child with a tier V bloodline, the child would more commonly be regarded as the lower tier (in this case V) than the higher. This is more true if the child is female than male. If a high bloodline angel ends up becoming a healer, or even a crafter/gatherer, then they are often disowned by their family. Since the majority of angels reside within Eriden, families often live close to each other, even if they have no relation to each other. Individuals of lower status rarely own their own rooms, often living in communal halls of similarly ranked individuals. Family groups tend own a single room within the expansive white citadel, and those of higher ranking have independent chambers.

Notable traits:
·         Averaging at ~9ft (2.7m) tall.
·         Humanoid, large feathery wings, wings can vary in shape from shorter, stocky wings for powerful bursts to lighter, larger wings for prolonged flight. Wings with long pinions are often a sign of more "noble" blood and are generally rare.
·         Light/exotic hair and eyes (blues/greens/pinks/light yellow most common).
·         Their native element is light and like demons, those that possess a proficiency in the primal elements often do so at the cost of their proficiency in light.